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Real Estate Branding

Trent Waite Realtor

Today’s realtors depend on internet communications in ways that other industries don’t. Realtors no longer promote their listings alone. If they did, there would be no reason to have a web site at all. But in order to compete against supersites like and, they need tools that not only match, but improve upon the mega giants. Trent Waite hired Doyle Communications to create a web site that was fully responsive, loaded with all current listings from his MRIS (MLS), with interactivity that complied with legal guidelines, while attaching contact information that leads interested home buyers directly to Trent’s office. Doyle also provides SEO, branding, collateral development, communications, signage, monthly social media marketing, and advertising services as well. Additional services provided include communications about government programs and resources for home seekers of all income levels.

Media: Website, Fiers, Postcards, Signage, Facebook Social Media and Advertising
Services: Brand development, writing, design and creative media development.