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Administration for Community Living

Older Americans Month 2020

“Make Your Mark” was the chosen theme for Older Americans Month 2020 before COVID-19. For seniors, it encouraged involvement in their communities. For aging networks and families, it promoted ways that seniors could be encouraged to stay connected and engaged. Post COVID-19, the theme was adapted to be inclusive of CDC guidelines regarding social distancing for older adults. With the original goal of combating social isolation as much as a priority as ever, a series of resources that focused on ways to stay connected and safe during the pandemic were developed. Social media targeting seniors directed them to information on getting support and staying engaged with their community during a pandemic. Aging networks were encouraged to reach out to seniors in a variety of ways, and offered best practice support as required across a spectrum of potential needs. Visit for more information.

Media: Posters, social media, collateral and digital media
Services: Design, copy writing and creative media development