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Facebook Live Launches Branding Potential for Some, Profit Potential for Zuckerberg.

You may have noticed a mass media campaign by Facebook, pushing it’s new Live mobile app. For those who missed it, it allows followers to receive notifications when live video is streaming so they can watch it in real time. The purpose is to get information about breaking news and information into the hands of those who want it—from the specific sources they are interested in—as it happens. (Although video feeds are saved for those who want to watch at a later date.)

The initial launch was limited to public figures. By creating their own soundbites, celebrities could pique the interest of fans and media in a controlled environment while strengthening their bran. Now mainstream, it has unlimited potential in brands of all sizes, as well as cutting-edge public relations and broadcast journalism potential.

So why the big push from Facebook? Ad-driven profits dictate the need for viewers to stay tuned in. In-the-moment posts with breaking news provides a broader, captive audience for Facebook to capitalize on. And new data-driven potential for targeting ads will surely result.

Want to get in on Facebook live? Visit to learn more about how you can post, and follow in ways that broaden your own communications potential.

Click here to view a Facebook Live Map: Explore live videos from around the world. See who around you is broadcasting. Hover your mouse over a live feed to view the video and see it’s reach.

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