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Idle Reduction Policies Offer Savings for Transportation Companies and Cleaner Air for the Communities they Serve

A running engine can be music to a transportation professional’s ears. It represents productivity and a fluid workflow. Engines that run unnecessarily, however, can mean something else. They cost money, waste fuel, and impact the environment. Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) want everyone to know what idling is, what it does, and how drivers of all types can reduce idling throughout the work day.

Idling is when a vehicle is left running unnecessarily while stopped. It occurs when an engine is on, but the vehicle is not otherwise in use or operation. While a running engine is mandatory for many of the daily operations of professional drivers, there are opportunities to turn that engine off that may go unnoticed. So MDE created Idle Free MD, a program to help drivers recognize opportunities for idle reduction and motivate them to participate.

Idle Free MD encourages drivers of all types to be aware of what idling is, and how it impacts air quality throughout Maryland. It debunks a lot of myths about idling and offers tips on ways everyone can contribute to cleaner air while saving money and improving engine performance.

Several resources for transportation professionals can help create awareness about idle reduction, and offer steps toward meeting reduction goals:

Additional resources (like signs, decals and certificates) may be available for those who participate, so reach out to if you need more information or support.

We congratulate all transportation professionals who are committed to cleaner air for drivers and the Maryland communities they serve! Promote your efforts on social media using #IdleFreeMD and encourage other drivers to do the same.

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