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Branding, Campaign and Marketing Strategies

Researched-based strategies provide important framework for setting goals, creating content, defining calls to action and developing media specific to defined target audiences. Effective marketing plans empower internal and external teams to execute dissemination and outreach initiatives that get results. This second step in the creative process is an essential follow-up to how we put our data into action, and help clients do the same.

Creative Briefs identify consumer and industry target audiences and the distinct creative priorities that exist within each.

Branding and marketing strategies launch coordinated and cohesive efforts for garnering support for communities and the organizations that serve them.

Forward facing outreach plans make it easy for stakeholders to spread the word on a client’s behalf.

Social media planning provides strategies for stakeholders to support and implement an outreach campaign internally, across all platforms of digital media.

Facebook marketing plans can target the age, sex and geographical regions of people who are looking for specific products and services.

Email outreach requires expertise of the client/platform relationship. Our expertise across platforms can help clients make better informed outreach plans specific to their needs and resources.

Doyle Communications creates strategies for building awareness, disseminating media, coordinating messaging, and garnering support. With expertise in developing creative briefs, social and paid media plans, editorial calendars, and event marketing, the implementation methods we create to support our strategies guide internal teams with practical efficiency.

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