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May is Older Americans Month

For the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Betah Associates for theAdministration for Community Living on developing the brand for this important annual commemoration. Older Americans are a growing population, and earning more recognition each year for the important contributions they make. We should take a moment to acknowledge and support this important community.

Last year we celebrated the 5oth anniversary of the signing of the Older American’s Act. This year, we helped launch the evergreen brand that will identify Older Amercians Month for years to come.

I invite everyone to spread the word about Older Amercans Month, and contribute to this year’s theme: “Blaze a Trail.” Take a moment to review the materials and resources provided that can help us to recognize our important senior community and support their wellness and prosperity.

To review and download material created for prior years, go to

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