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Launch and Dissemination

Like the other stages of the creative process, dissemination follows a well-researched trajectory. Sequential exposure through multiple platforms requires a well-coordinated balance between brand recognition and phased messaging.

Media placement is data-driven and tracked.

Outreach events persuasively inform strategically-attended audiences and provided a platform for momentum.

A successful Product launch will deliver product into the hands of those who need it most through efficient calls to action.

Target audience profiles developed during the planning stages of the creative process help define the media exposures of key communities.

Broadcast media with a memorable call to action can communicate quickly to a large audience in a timely manner.

Editorial calendars are essential in a coordinated rollout of ads, social media, digital outreach, blogs and events.

Form follows function, so how the audience will be exposed to communications where they live, work and play is one of the earlier determinations made. All creative paths lead to this. With media and messaging developed to strategically integrate with final dissemination, communications reach and resonate.

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