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Design and Creative Direction

The creative process is as much science as it is nature. Meticulous development methods provide laser-focus on the target audience and reduce the need for redirection in the later stages of design. This is when the magic happens and all of our careful preparation comes to life.

Coordinated media connects targeted markets where they live, work, and seek support.

Rich media connects defined audiences with products and services they need across all platforms through a click of a button.

Psychographic maps detail the personal and media preferences of defined target audiences .

Creative concepts that rotate and resonate with audiences keep annual campaigns fresh every year.

Identity guidelines are crucial in maintaining a brand that is consistent throughout all material.

Instructional design must be exceptionally clear to inform audiences while bridging language barriers.

Guided by creative briefs and psychographic maps, Doyle develops concept boards for review that consistently test well with target audiences. Factoring in crucial feedback and effective methods for achieving desired calls to action, our products seamlessly link message, dissemination and response. Templates and digital files are meticulously prepared to easily accommodate changes and adaptations using the most current software available. These methods result in final products that resonate with target audiences and span the range of print and digital platforms.

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