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Analyze and Report

It’s how we measure our success and plan future initiatives. Hard data provides a solid platform that informs future communications and inspires new directions.


Call Increase

Calls to the MSDE GED Hotline increased from approximately 2 per day to 45 per day during the dissemination of the radio campaign.

Site Visitors

Visits to the revised spiked in August 2017, the month the new site was launched and promoted.

Paid Media Impressions

Campaign ads targeting Hispanic seniors also garnered over 6 million earned media impressions during the one-month campaign.

  • Home Buyers who Respond to Video Ads Over Slideshow Ads 75% 75%

Real Estate video ads reached more than 6,000 more people and garnered more than 80 more calls to action than similar slide show ads.

  • Wholesale millwork industry shoppers who are male 87% 87%

Post-launch visitors to were also primarily between the ages of 35-44 and used a computer to shop.

  • Baltimore Drop Outs who Prefer 92Q to other radio stations 63% 63%

GED ads that ran on 92Q reached more of our defined target audience than other popular radio stations.

Analyzing what works and what doesn’t is critical to developing successful media. Who is responding to what, when and how are all data that clients depend on to build their campaigns. Comparing hard data to desired goals is how we can claim that our work matters.

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